PSA Nitrogen Plant

PSA Nitrogen Plant
Product Description

The compressed air is passed through a Twin Tower PSA module interconnected with automatic changeover valves.  At the bottom of PSA towers, Activated Alumina is provided which has a tendency of adsorbing moisture from compressed air.  After passing through this bed of Activated Alumina air gets dried.  Supply of dry compressed air from this layer of desiccant (activated alumina) will be continuous without any interruption.  Dried compressed air will now come in contact with a bed of carbon molecular sieves (CMS).  Carbon Molecular Sieves are a special grade of adsorbent which has the property of preferential adsorption of oxygen molecules. At a time one tower remains under nitrogen production cycle, whereas the other tower undergoes regeneration which is achieved through depressurization of the tower to atmospheric pressure. The two towers of PSA modules are inter-connected with automatic changeover valves through pneumatic signal given by solenoid valve which in turn get the electrical signal from the timer provided in the control panel.  The changeover time cycle will be 1 + 1 minute.  The outgoing nitrogen gas is sent to a surge vessel where the minimum nitrogen pressure will be maintained with the help of Backpressure Regulator.  The product nitrogen will now be sent to the consumer point through a pressure reducing valves at the required pressure.

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