Metal Tube Rotameter

Metal Tube Rotameter
Product Description

Our Metal Tube Rotameter works in the changeable range flowmeter, which measures the circulation rate of gases and fluids in lines of pipes. It includes a upright metal tube. This comes with a hole (or a conelike pipe that broadens towards the head) by which the deliberate medium circulates. The buoy of Metal Tube Rotameter that can be carried in the pipe in the upright direction, sets at a particular extent, if the pressures working upon it are in balance, to such an extent that the heaviness of the float is indistinguishable to the whole of the lightness compel and the stream constrain. The Metal Tube Rotameter level of the buoy in the cone shaped measuring pipe is relative to the rate of circulation. A magnet situated in the buoy as well as a magnet effect system help the buoy's extent in the pipe to be demonstrated by means of a pointer.


  • Dial Sort Read Out

  • Straight Stream Outline

  • No Twists, No Seals, No Strung Joints

  • Coordinate Perusing Scale

  • Reduced, Money Saving Design

  • Culminate Protection


  • Process treatment plant producers utilize our metal tube rotameter because of its simplicity of installation, simple handling and intact protection.

  • It might be utilized for checking circulation of De-mineralized Water, acid, organic solvents, Gasses, Salts and most petroleum item.

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